Goodbye 2010

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Well, 2010 was a great year  for me. I’m sad to see it go, but for one of the first times in my life, I truly feel like I lived this year up to the fullest. I started blogging about a month ago, so I want to do a quick highlight of the best part of each month.


  • January: Gasparilla, a Mardi Gras like pirate festival in Tampa

Jan 1 Jan 2

  • February: Played a prank on facebook that my friend Kristen  was pregnant.

feb 1 

  • March: Rob came back to FL with me and we did a bar crawl (on bikes!) through St Pete

mar 1 Mar 2 mar 3

  • April: My very very best friend Katie turned 21

apr 1 apr 2

  • May: My little sister Mary  came to visit me at school. We went to Cosi with Rob and also went down to Dayton (our hometown) and relived some childhood memories.

may 3 may 4

may 1 may 2

  • June: Celebrated my friend Tiffany’s 21st, departed for Semester at Sea and went to Spain.

june 1 june 2

Departure 004 Departure 020

Spain days 2-3 020 Spain Day 1 053

  • July: I spent this month traveling through Italy, Croatia, Greece, Turkey & Egypt

 Capri 060 Croatia! 049

 Croatia! 030 Greece 018

 july 1 Egypt 010

  • August: I traveled through Morocco and spent a majority of the month finishing up “schoolwork” on the ship and laying out on deck 7.

Morocco 020 DSCN1332

009 aug 1

  • September: Back to school, reunited Rob & my friends! I spent most of the month relaxing back at home in FL and working for my parents.

sept 1 sept 2

  • October: Tons of Buckeye football! (Which also means tons of beer and stadium nachos lol). Halloween – us girls all went as “shots”

oct 1 sept 1

oct 2 oct 3

  • November: I turned 22! Went home for Thanksgiving & started this blog!


  • December: Well, you can read all about that here.

Happy New Year!


Karma’s a bizitch

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After a 3 hour delay and a missing bag … I came home to this:


I’m surprisingly calm about this, mainly because I’m sure whoever did this will get theirs one day.


December 29, 2010 § 1 Comment

My last day at home was spent doing what I do best – shopping with my mom and sister.

The mission was to find a gown for my mom to wear to the FL governor’s inauguration next week. It was a 7 hour mall trip, but honestly it flew by! I couldn’t believe it when the saleslady at Sak’s was telling us that it was 9pm!

The highlight of the day though, was trying on furs… I will never forget petting chinchilla jackets. It is totally vile what they do to make fur jackets, but damn are they soft! The whole time we were in there Mary and I kept saying “rawwwwr” and petting the jackets, the saleslady was dying laughing… and so were we.


(Please spare me any animal rights stuff – I didn’t purchase any fur!)

Anyway, now I’m off to pack up – early flight back to Columbus tomorrow. Sooo much to do before tomorrow morning!

Playing catch up

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So, tonight I met up with a friend from high school. Liz was one of the first friends I made when I first moved to Florida. We used to hang out together all the time! We would always drive up to Tampa to go shopping, go out for Mexican, or just bitch about everything and everyone we hated at Starbucks after school. We ended up losing touch after high school but a few years ago we started talking again and now whenever I’m at home, we try to make a date to catch up with each other.

I seriously love catching up with old friends, especially ones like Liz. I never have to explain things because we come from a similar background and went to high school together. I also love that we pick up right where we left off. Most of our discussion was about our lack of future life plans over bellinis. It had been over 6 months since we saw each other, so we had plenty to catch up on. I was so excited to finally be able to give her the souvenirs from Egypt that I brought back for her.

dinner w liz

Catch me in your net – OPI

December 27, 2010 § 3 Comments

I can’t  believe I’m about to post a picture of my feet on the internet.

I’m worried of freaky foot fetishists.

But, I love this nail polish color so much, I have to share.

catch me in your net 006

It is seriously such a mermaid shade! I feel like I’m channeling my inner Ariel.

So when my sister Mary and I were at the nail salon, we were joking about our older sister Christina. She said she wanted to walk to the nail salon (easily 3+ miles) and we basically told her to shut up – this is St. Pete, not NYC. Anyway, she made it to the nail salon a few hours later (via car) and the ladies asked her what she was doing back. Us girls all look alike, and I guess they thought she was one of us or something. Anyway, when she cleared it up, they said “Ohhh! you’re the one that wanted to walk here!”

Needless to say, Christina wasn’t too pleased to  hear that Mary and I were talking about her at the nail salon! Ooopsies.


December 26, 2010 § 1 Comment

While I’ve been down here enjoying Christmas break with my family, there is one person I’ve missed very much.

Video call snapshot 29Video call snapshot 33

Video call snapshot 34Video call snapshot 36

Thanks to skype, I got to “see” him for a bit. However, skype wasn’t working up to par and so we had to talk on the phone to actually hear each other, thus the cell phone in all the pictures. Either way, I’m so thankful for things like cell phones and skype – they make 1000+ miles seem like not too far of a distance.

A Christmas prank

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So, I mentioned a few days ago that my family loves pulling pranks. My older sister Christina was the target today. She has been asking for a Louis Vuitton bag for a few months, and my parents finally decided to indulge her. Mary and I were joking around the other day, and decided to wrap a fake bag borrowed from a friend before giving her the real one. It worked like a charm.

Christmas 2010 023 Christmas 2010 024

She opened it up and didn’t instantly realize that it was fake. She was like “This isn’t the style I wanted, but I still love it!” Meanwhile, I was holding back peals of laughter. Once she opened it up and saw the old candy wrappers, a lip gloss and loose change left by the bag’s real owner, she knew what was up. We gave her the real bag after that and I’m happy to report it was exactly what she wanted.

Now, for some scenes from the morning …

Christmas 2010 004  Christmas 2010 009 

Christmas 2010 042
Dad & his girls
Christmas 2010 054
The extended family getting ready to feast!

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