Praying to the Nail Gods

December 2, 2010 § 3 Comments

So about once every week or so, my friends and I get together to do our nails. I love this night, mostly because it isn’t usually planned and it comes together so naturally. Tonight though, my friend Bethany had a mission. She read about a marbling technique in a magazine so we had to try it out!

First, we rounded up some colors and put them in a ramekin filled with water.

  Nails 12.2 008 Nails 12.2 010

Didn’t quite work that well at first ….

 Nails 12.2 014

But the second try was MUCH more successful!

 Nails 12.2 016  (pre clean-up!)

Finished & Fabulous

Bwolf nails

The rest of us didn’t go for a dip, but rocked our own styles for sure.

Nails 12.2 019 Nails 12.2 017
Nails 12.2 032 Nails 12.2 033

Tiffany rocked the BROWN and yellow (not black thankyouverymuch!)

Kristen just couldn’t wait for the OPI crackle polish so she did her own at home version with silver & purple.

I did a silvery gun metal color with pink and yellow accent nails.

And Joelynn chose to channel her second grade self.


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