Finished with finals!

December 9, 2010 § 1 Comment

Well, today was momentous, I finished the last fall quarter of my undergraduate education! One quarter closer to being a college graduate… whoa.

My last final was nutrition. This was my favorite class of the quarter, I’m sort of sad for it to end. Today my prof handed out our final, but when I looked at the questions, I realized they weren’t over any of the material I had studied. I flipped the page and started freaking out –all the material was from our previous exam. I went back to the front page and at the top of the page, I saw “Midterm 2” at the top. I let my professor know and she had to run to another building to get our exams! It lightened the mood of the room for sure.

After the exam and a few hours at work, Rob and I went out for lunch. To celebrate the end of finals, we treated ourselves to amazing sandwiches at an iconic Columbus deli – Katzinger’s. It’s one of our favorite spots because it’s so cozy and welcoming inside. Not to mention the amazing food!


Katzinger’s also has a great spread of specialty food items. This is just a small portion of their shop. Besides the jams pictured, they have cheese, bread, oils & vinegars, wine, and tons of chocolate. I even saw a maple bacon bar!

My cute date 😉

The most amazing tomato & mozarella sandwich, complete with homemade pesto … yum!

Now I’m toasting the end of an amazing quarter with my roommate .. we broke open a bottle of sparkling wine. It’s called Bitch – Bubbly. A good start to winter break 🙂


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