Practical joke

December 16, 2010 § 2 Comments

My family is full of pranksters. My mom for instance, picked me up from the airport once with a big Nordstrom bag in the front seat. Excited, I asked her “Ohh did you get me a little treat?!” She exclaimed yes and told me to open it. I found her tupperware from lunch full of crumbs, and look over to her hysterically laughing.

This past summer, the day before my ship was due to port in Virginia, I called my mom and told her I was about to get off the gangway and didn’t see her anywhere in sight. She immediately started freaking out since she was still in Florida. The gag went on for quite awhile and we had a good laugh about it.

Obviously, we have a similar sense of humor. It’s always a back and forth type of thing and tonight, my mom and sister got me really good. We were all sitting around the living room watching HGTV when all of a sudden, Libby shrieks “Caroline! There is a cockroach in your shoe!!!”

I immediately started freaking out, yelling for my Dad to kill it (of course cautioning him to not ruin my shoe!) and asking my mom to protect me. I moved a little closer and saw a little brown thing in my shoe… started freaking out more .. then my family members all started cracking up.

The “cockroach” was really a pecan.

Practical Joke 005
Can’t you just see it creeping up into the toe of the shoe?

Practical Joke 012
Yep – they got me!


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