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December 27, 2010 § 3 Comments

I can’t  believe I’m about to post a picture of my feet on the internet.

I’m worried of freaky foot fetishists.

But, I love this nail polish color so much, I have to share.

catch me in your net 006

It is seriously such a mermaid shade! I feel like I’m channeling my inner Ariel.

So when my sister Mary and I were at the nail salon, we were joking about our older sister Christina. She said she wanted to walk to the nail salon (easily 3+ miles) and we basically told her to shut up – this is St. Pete, not NYC. Anyway, she made it to the nail salon a few hours later (via car) and the ladies asked her what she was doing back. Us girls all look alike, and I guess they thought she was one of us or something. Anyway, when she cleared it up, they said “Ohhh! you’re the one that wanted to walk here!”

Needless to say, Christina wasn’t too pleased to  hear that Mary and I were talking about her at the nail salon! Ooopsies.


§ 3 Responses to Catch me in your net – OPI

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