January 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

I never really know how to feel about resolutions. I like to see each new day, week, or month as a time to change bad habits into better ones. The whole Jan 1, life all changes, this is finally gonna be my year shtick is a bit much for me. Nevertheless, there are always things that I am willing to work on. Right now, I have 2 main focuses.

1. Cut the swearing! I have a pretty bad mouth, especially when I get angry. I mean, I did read that Giada DiLaurentis has a mouth like a sailor, which did make me feel a bit better, but I am really ready to cut it out. It just sounds so trashy. When I hear other people throwing around “F” and “S” casually, I cringe. I know it sounds NO better coming out of my mouth.

2. I want to be more relaxed about things. I have a tendency to make fast assumptions and overreact. I used to say that I can’t help it – the red hair just makes me fiesty. But not anymore! I have already started to improve in this area. When my windshield was smashed last week, I didn’t let myself get upset. I just took a deep breath and started the process of fixing it. I make myself unnecessarily stressed out and to be honest? Life gives us enough things to worry about, I don’t need to make myself any crazier.

Other general goals include reading 12 books, travel to a new place (city or country), keep my room clean, and as always, get better grades!!!


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