The middle sister

January 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

If you didn’t know, I am technically a middle sister. There are four of us girls, and I’m the second. However, for a good portion of my childhood, before Libby was born, I was the true blue middle sister. I think (and my family agrees) that most of the middle sister characteristics fit me.

I heard of this wine via my very best friend, Katie. She too is the middle sister of her family. She got a bottle of white for Christmas from her mom, and when I saw it, I knew I had to find a bottle of red for myself! A few days later I randomly stumbled on it at Target, of all places. (Does anyone else feel like Target is a money pit? I swear I go in for one thing and leave at least $50 poorer)

So tonight, I’m relaxing on this Friday night with the ever handsome Rob. We planned to go out to a local wine bar, but I was slow and wouldn’t have been ready to go until close to closing time. So instead, I popped open this bottle to enjoy a  glass at home.

I loved it! It wasn’t too heavy, just a perfect medium bodied, berry flavored wine. I drank it with left over Indian food which probably wasn’t the best choice, but it worked (and I’m a college student so it’s still okay to do this for a few more months …)

To be honest, I REALLY loved this wine because of the quote on the back.


Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. Or because I graduated top of my class. Being almost perfect is a terrible burden to bear. So I must confess I do have one or two vices. Wine, cheese, cheeseburgers, vampire novels, pink outfits and serial flirting…is that more than one or two? I hope my secrets are safe with you. I have an image to protect. Let me buy you a glass of wine.

To find stores that sell this wine, check out their website here .. it’s super cute!


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