Creeper alert!

January 13, 2011 § 7 Comments

Something very strange is going on around here. I have had two very creepy encounters in the past two days and my pepper spray is basically never leaving my side.

So let me just start off by saying that there are parking meters in front of my house and since it’s so snowy/icy, people often get stuck in those spots. Yesterday, I walked out my front door and saw a girl trying to get her car out with the help of a few other people. I mentioned to her that it happens all the time and told her how people usually go about getting out of the spot. Out of nowhere, one of the guys helping her (who I’d never seen before in my life) says “Hey aren’t you the girl who drives a white bmw?” I was really taken aback! Since my windshield was recently smashed in, I figured he might have seen it but no.. he  goes on to say “Yeah I see you get in and out of it a lot…it’s a such a niiiiice car” all creepy and slow. He didn’t introduce himself, I still have no idea his name or if he works or lives in the area. I was so flustered I just said “umm thanks?” and walked away.

This morning at work, I was asking a patient to take a survey after his appointment and he simply says to me “Do you live at *my street*”? Again, shocked, freaked out, and didn’t know how to respond, I just said “ummm NO!” and he says “Yes you do, I’ve seen you there a lot” Then again, I told him no, I’m in the area for school, etc. and he says “No, I know where you live. I’ve seen you a lot”

WTF!? Seriously. I was so shaky and scared after that second encounter. Both were most likely harmless, but getting recognized by two random men that I HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE IN MY LIFE  in  matter of 24 hours really, really unnerves me. It’s like yes, I have curly red hair but I can’t be that recognizable, can I?

Off to find a hat…


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