Gasparilla 2011

February 1, 2011 § 4 Comments

This past weekend was the first (of hopefully many) reunion of my best girlfriends that I studied abroad with. Unfortunately, Vic couldn’t make it, but Caitlin, Mollie and I had a total blast.

After we all got into Tampa early Friday afternoon, we headed down to my parents house in St Pete. We walked around downtown, grabbed some delicious cupcakes and then hit up my favorite boutique for some shopping. It was great to catch up, but we all felt like it was so surreal to actually be seeing each other again!

We headed back to my house where we ate dinner, then later that night we hit up my favorite local bar, Old Northeast Tavern, for a few rounds of drinks. We headed home relatively early because we knew we had a big day coming up!


Saturday morning came a little too quickly (killer headache – ugh) but we all put on the big girl panties, got ready, made breakfast and headed back up to Tampa for the parade. After battling traffic and street closures for about an hour, we finally got to my sister’s condo. Since she moved to NY, her condo is empty and so is her parking spot, which is conveniently located a short walk from the parade. I should have known that someone would try to jack the spot she pays good money for! We parked the car in the lot, cracked open some beers and called a tow truck. After waiting ANOTHER hour, the tow truck finally arrives and much to our dismay, can’t tow the car out of our spot! Something about the truck lifting the car and being ruined on the covered parking structure.. not gonna lie I’m not totally sure because I was pretty buzzed by the time the truck arrived.

gasp 2011 005  gasp 2011 003 gasp 2011 006

So we find a parking spot that we had to pay a pretty penny for and then head over to my friend Kim’s apartment to have a few drinks before the parade starts. We were only there for a little while because we got there so late, but it was so good to see everyone, as always!

gasp 2011 015

We headed down to the parade, which was so different from years prior. People were sooo rude and getting pretty mean over the beads being thrown out by the parade floats. It didn’t really matter though… we were drunk so it was going to be fun no matter what! After the parade, we were sobering up and getting pretty hungry. We hit up one of my favorite South Tampa joints – Daily Eats! Yummy burgers were enjoyed (in about 2.5 seconds) by all!

gasp 2011 017 gasp 2011 023 gasp 2011 036
gasp 2011 031 gasp 2011 038 gasp 2011 042

The next day was sadly our full day in sunny Florida. We didn’t waste a second! First we had brunch with my family at Dome Cafe – again one of my favorites! After that, the girls and I headed for the beach which was .. PERFECT!

gasp 2011 047 gasp 2011 052
gasp 2011 054

The beach was followed by a trip to the Pier (best views in St Pete!), then gelato, and some pool action at the Vinoy. After all of that, it was time to say bye to Caitlin… she had a late afternoon flight back to school. Mollie and I spent the rest of the day shopping at International Plaza, then went back to my parent’s house to have some of my mom’s home cooking. We spent the rest of the night relaxing at the Vinoy.

It was an amazing weekend! It was so awesome to see these girls again. We made fast friends on semester at sea, and honestly, it felt like not a day had passed since we saw each other last, even though it was months ago! Our next reunion is going to be in Boston once it warms up! I can’t wait!!


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