7 things

February 7, 2011 § 2 Comments

1. I’ve been to three colleges. I started my freshman year at University of Dayton, transferred after a terrible semester full of homesickness to University of Tampa, then transferred to Ohio State to be with a boy.

2. That boy? Yep, it lasted! Rob and I have been together since the beginning of high school. We have made it through thick and thin, multiple states, bouts of long distance, and honestly, we are better than we ever have been. I can truly say he is the person I’m meant to be with.

3a. I have a severe aversion to chores. I know it’s bratty, but I hate doing dishes and laundry. I throw everything I can into the dishwasher, including pots & pans. As for laundry? Well, Rob is amazing and used to do it for me when I would go hang out at his apartment, but now I save us both time and have it sent out. It’s so worth it. 

3b. I love to vacuum though!!!

4. My nails are always painted. If they are chipped, you can bet something BIG is stressing me out. I’d rather buy a nice bottle of polish and paint my own nails than settle for a sub par manicure at a salon that chips in a few days. Right now I’m rocking OPI’s “A Oui Bit of Red” after this post I’m repainting with my favorite pink “La Paz-itively Hot”

5. I’m slowly becoming addicted to the gym again. I’m no athlete, but there’s nothing like sweating out the days stress and pumping some iron! I go through cycles of exercise. Fall quarter I went to the gym maybe 6 times? Since Christmas break I’ve made it a regular part of my routine. I feel great!

6. I love buying people little presents. If I’m out and I see something that makes me think of you, chances are good I’ll pick it up and surprise you with it. Unless it’s super pricey, then you have to settle for a cell phone pic and a text telling you where to buy it.

7. I absolutely HATE  driving and have terrible luck with cars, especially tires! I’ve had it all, from tickets to tire blow outs to a totaled red convertible (what were my parents thinking buying me a red BMW convertible at 16??? They really love me). Once, when I was getting my tires changed, the mechanic didn’t tighten the lug nuts tight enough and I pulled out of the lot onto a busy 6 lane highway and my car rattled so bad I thought it would hit the ground. Luckily, the guy came right out onto the road and fixed it. I’ve been scared to get new tires ever since. (I’m long overdue)


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