Sweet Home St Pete

March 21, 2011 § 1 Comment

I’m finally back home in St Pete for a much needed vacation. Not quite the wild spring break most college girls plan, but just what I needed. I’ve spent the past few days visiting my favorite restaurants, working out at the Vinoy, spending time with my parents & grandparents, and of course, doing my fair share of shopping at International Plaza.

Saturday I woke up with a mission. I was going to a spin class at the Vinoy. Instead, I decided to enjoy the beautiful weather and ride my bike instead. I mean, why spend an hour in a hot room filled with sweaty people huffing away going nowhere when you can enjoy a solo ride by the water instead? Anyway, I rode out to St Pete’s Saturday Morning Market which is basically a huge famer’s market with tons of vendors selling everything from crafts to clothes to organic veggies. I love it. I ran into quite a few people that I haven’t seen in awhile which sucked because I didn’t have on any makeup and was wearing workout clothes! I hate when that happens.

smm 003 smm 004 smm 007

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I spent the rest of the day getting mani pedi with Libby – we enjoyed some much needed sister time. I love the little n00b! She’s 14 and growing up sooooooo fast. It makes me feel OLD.

Sunday was spent at the beach with my friend  Tiffany. Small world moment – Tiffany is my roommate at OSU. Her older sister Courtney, & fiancé, Jake, are renting my older sister’s condo here in Tampa. My sister’s condo was empty since she moved to Manhattan and a few weeks aago Jake landed a job down here, so I told them about each other and now my sister’s condo is Tiffany’s sister’s condo! Anyway, Tif is spending a few days in Tampa with her sister before heading to Ft Lauderdale to visit some of her family, so we squeezed in some sun time between life guard shifts ….

lifeguard c lifeguard t

Andddd today I got up, hit the gym for an extra sweaty workout, then I laid out by the pool alllllll afternoon. It was glorious. I got some reading done, but mostly I napped. In the evening, I drove up to Tampa and met my mom for a latte and some shoe shopping  after she got off work. I really love my mom – she’s the BEST to shop with (not just because she pays). I also spent some more time with my grandparents..my nana may be blinder than a bat, but the woman can still cook.

The rest of my plans for the week include……………….. NOTHING!

And it feels G.R.E.A.T!


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