Zen Cha Tea Salon

March 31, 2011 § 3 Comments

So this week was the start of my penultimate quarter at OSU. (Note the use of a big, fancy college word!) I won’t lie, this first week back has been rough. I haven’t given my classes the attention they deserve and even though I’m only 4 days in, I feel incredibly behind. Instead of spending the afternoon in the library like a responsible student, I spent it at Zen Cha Tea Salon. I figure if I can’t cross schoolwork off my to do list, I should at least cross something off of my Bucket List!

zen cha 4

After we finished class and work for the day, we hopped in the car and headed down to the Short North. Once we got there, we were all struck by the SMELL of the place. Something was off. Could have been Joelynn but I’m not totally sure………………….

Anyway, since it was a tea salon and all, we ordered some drinks. Bethany is a lover of bubble tea and I’m kind of freaked out by it, so instead of ordering my own, she let me try hers. I was kind of surprised when the tapioca ball came through the straw, but it was better than I expected!

zen cha 5

In a throwback to my Arabic heritage, I went with a hot Arabian tea flavored with cardamom, cinnamon and orange. I loved it! Hot and fragrant.

zen cha 3

Joelynn, ever adventurous, went with a big glass of Columbus’ finest!

zen cha 1

We also ordered some lunch.. sandwiches, soup and some samosas to share. My food was pretty good, but my favorite thing was spending the afternoon with two lovely ladies.

zen cha 7

Love ya, bitches!

Another thing crossed off the list!



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