Rob’s belated bday

May 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Do you recognize either of these walls?

bettys 5bettys 7

If you do… then you know Rob and I celebrated his birthday at Betty’s! 

You also know that Rob & I took pictures of the men’s & lady’s bathrooms. Is that weird?

I for one, LOVE interesting bathrooms. I always think it’s neat when a restaurant takes pride in every inch of their design. I have seen many notable bathrooms in Columbus (Haiku strikes me right off the top) but Betty’s is my favorite. There is just so much character! I remember the first time Rob & I ate at Betty’s about two years ago, he ducked into the men’s room and came back telling me I just had to check out the lady’s to see if it was just as cool. It was.

Anyway, moving on.

bettys 1

We went around 10-10:30 pm and were so happy to see that Betty’s kitchen is open late. Rob had a late lunch with his mom earlier in the afternoon, so we just decided to split some appetizers. We got a corn salsa quesadilla with chicken and Steve’s Afternoon delight which was homemade potato chips (ummm I could LIVE off these. SO.GOOD.) with some cheesy sauce, sour cream, tomatoes, and onions. Both were yummy, but literally I am still thinking of those chips. I don’t know what was in the cheese sauce, I actually told Rob I didn’t want to know because it would only ruin my enjoyment.

 bettys 2 bettys 3

I’d just like to see these wonderful cell phone pictures come courtesy of my Blackberry and “assistant” Rob who so graciously made me a light bounce out of his napkin. He is a true supporter of my blogging. 🙂

bettys 4bettys 6

I shouldn’t have made fun of that napkin, because in the picture he took of me, I don’t seem to have a nose …

All in all, Betty’s is one of our favorite places to eat or grab a quick drink in Columbus. We have tried tons of stuff there; Green goddess salad, Betty’s Beer Brats, Veggie Egg Rolls, and Marge’s Meatloaf all come to mind, and they have all been perfect. Surly Girl, which owned by the same woman as Betty’s, it’s on the bucket list and hopefully I’ll be heading there soon…I don’t know if it can beat out Betty’s, but I can’t wait to put the two sister restaurants to the test!


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