June 1, 2011 § 1 Comment

So once I got back from my long weekend in New York, I had two anatomy finals and a genetics exam to contend with along with a towed car and all sorts of other mundane chores. Finals are almost over and I’m finally finding some time to breathe! I’m breaking up my trip into a few posts, and this post is going to take us to Chinatown!

chinatown 3

One of the things I really wanted to do during this trip was have some authentic Chinese food in Chinatown. My sister has a Chinese friend and per her suggestion, we headed to Joe’s Shanghai, a restaurant famous for soup dumplings. I’ve always heard that you know an ethnic place is good when people of that ethnicity are eating there. There were quite a few Chinese people eating there, but there were also tons of tourists waiting in the 25 minute line. I knew we were in for some good eats!

 chinatown 2  

After our wait, we found ourselves at a large table with four strangers. I guess this is normal though, and it actually enhanced our experience. The people at our table were really interesting and had some great suggestions about other places to eat in NYC. We ordered sesame noodles (suggested by Christina’s friend), spring rolls, a scallion pancake and an order of pork soup dumplings. I loved everything!

chinatown 5

The soup dumplings were the main attraction, and they were so fun to eat. They come out in a steamer box, fresh and hot. So you pick one up on your spoon, poke it with a chopstick, drink the “soup” that leaks out onto the spoon, then pop the actual dumpling into your mouth.

chinatown 7chinatown 6 

The food came out very quickly and was delicious, I’d go back to Joe’s Shanghai again for sure.

One thing that I feel has to be mentioned is how inexpensive this place was! In addition to what Christina and I ordered, she placed a to go order of dumplings for her boyfriend, and our total was a whopping $26.89. That’s a great price for the amount + quality of food we got, and especially in a city like New York where dining out can really add up. (If you’re thinking of going – they only take cash!)

 chinatown 1

Once we left, I spotted a vendor on the street selling beautiful Jade jewelry. I picked up a cute little necklace and got one for my sister too. It was just one of those cheapy street buys, but I’m not too big on touristy souvenirs. I know that whenever I see this charm in my jewelry box, I’ll always remember our Chinatown adventure!

jade necklace


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