June 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

I heard about Eataly months ago from one of the many food blogs I frequent. The thought of visiting a huge warehouse filled with Italian food, wines, cheeses, and gelato had haunted me for too long. I knew that if I could convince Christina to go, she’d love it too, but it was a hard sell. Once we got there though, she was just as excited as I was!

eataly 1

There are displays of wine, huge rinds of parmesan cheese, barrels of olives, slabs of meat, Italian glassware + espresso machines all over the building. The building is sectioned off into a grocery section, a wine section, cheese section, and a few  different mini restaurants including a vegetable + seafood specific station.

eataly 4 eataly 3

We chose to sit at both the cheese section for a plate of antipasti, as well as the vegetable restaurant for some bruschetta. It goes without saying that a good amount of wine was imbibed.

eataly 5eataly 2

All in all, Christina and I spent about 3 hours (and way too much money) enjoying Eataly, but it felt like there was still so much to see + eat. I think if you’re a foodie (okay or just a glutton) visiting New York, it’s definitely worth a stop!


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