Lunch at Pastis

June 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

On my last afternoon in the city, Christina and I finished our weekend of extreme shopping with a very SATC style lunch. We headed to Pastis, which any Carrie Bradshaw fan knows well.

Can I just brag about how beautiful + chic Christina is? Look at that hat!

I love my older sister and miss her tons!!! Let’s see if she’s really reading my blog like she says …

pastis 1

Anyway, Pastis was packed to the brim. I love going to restaurants that are filled with people even on off peak hours. It usually means you are in a for a very good meal.

pastis 2 pastis 3

Since I’d been indulging in everything from greasy Chinese to multiple cupcakes, I decided to keep it light and got an arugula salad with shaved parmesan. Christina went for a classic cheeseburger and very kindly shared her fries with me.

 pastis 4 pastis 5

I have to tell you that the service at Pastis is really impeccable. Christina’s burger came out a little too rare for her liking and our waiter had no problem taking it back to the kitchen and bringing her a new one. However, there was a mix up in the kitchen and her second burger turned out to be bloodier than the first! Immediately the waiter whisked the plate away and within seconds the manager came over to apologize and offer us dessert on the house. We weren’t expecting the manager to come over and apologize, let alone give us dessert. It really speaks to the integrity of Pastis – they are popular enough that they don’t have to have such amazing service, but they still do. Love it.

Christina and I decided on the strawberry shortcake, but our waiter insisted on bringing us his favorite too, the sticky toffee pudding. It.was.amazing!

pastis 6 pastis 7


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