Tiff’s Birthday Dinner

June 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

So the picture I left you with yesterday was kind of a teaser for how the rest of Tiffany’s birthday was. We woke up and walked to Pattycake Bakery because Tiff wanted cake for breakfast. Bethany and her roommate met us there and then we all headed out to this place called Hobby Lobby. Have you heard of it? It was insanely huge, I was actually having anxiety over it! We needed to pick up supplies to make our shirts for Senior Crawl (More on that soon!)

Anyway, the rest of the celebrations for Tiffany’s 22nd took place at a restaurant in Grandview called Spagio. It’s one of those places that I’ve driven by tons of times saying “oh, I’d love to try it” but never do. Honestly, the food was good, but in my opinion, it was overpriced. The sparkling wine, I had however, was wonderful! I didn’t take any food pictures (shocking, I know!) but I do have some pictures of the girls, so I’ll share those.

 tiffs bday 727  

Plus, I was wearing these awesome pink pants from Zara and I want to show them off. It’s my blog. Sue me.

tiffs bday 730


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