To my Dad

June 19, 2011 § 1 Comment

There are a lot of reasons I love my Dad.

 Vinoy Dinner 005

One of the reasons is that he was very understanding when I forgot my ID when we went out for a family dinner and made him turn the car around so I could enjoy sangria like every other 21+ up person at the table. Not to mention that it was New Year’s and traffic was insane downtown.

dad 2

One of the reasons is that he was very understanding when Mary and I got our tongues pierced a few years ago. At first he thought they were fake. Once he realized that they were real, he simply held out his hand and demanded that I take it out. Since I’m a good daughter, I complied. (Okay FINE, I was 20 and very scared of being cut off)

 dad 3

But mainly, I love my Dad because he is the greatest person I know. I could talk for days about how proud I am of all of his achievements and how inspirational I find him, but I won’t. I can’t really put into words how much I love my Dad. He is the ultimate example of where hard work will take you in life. He came to America decades ago, earned a masters and PhD in electrical engineering while getting married and starting a family, holds countless patents with GM, and started two very successful companies.

 dad 5

Beyond all of his achievements though, he is just a great Dad. He is always willing to give us advice about anything, willing to support us in the pursuit of our dreams, and always, always makes sure we know how much he loves us.

I truly feel blessed to have the Dad I have.

dad 1

Happy Father’s Day Daddio! I love you sooo much!


And Happy 15th Birthday to my baby sister Libby! Isn’t she gorgeous?


I still remember the day you were born you little n00b!


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