Biking Taco Truck Tour

July 9, 2011 § 4 Comments

So I can cross something else off my bucket list today!

But I kind of feel like I’m cheating.

Because I didn’t actually eat anything on the taco truck tour that I went on today.

But wait, let’s back up. Let me start from the beginning.

This morning, Tiffany and I set out for an adventure that I alluded to last week. We signed up for a 20 mile bike ride through Columbus put on by our local Yelp team. The bike ride was going to stop at a few of the best taco trucks in the city. Since I’d been thinking about taking one of the taco truck tours that drives around the city, this biking option seemed like a much better way to experience the taco truck scene.

So, we hopped on our beach cruisers and headed down to Goodale Park to meet the rest of the group. Once we got there, I had a realization that we were going to be in over our heads. Everyone else there was a legit biker, wearing spandex outfits, helmets, and using clipless pedals.

taco tour 001 

We got signed in, paid the registration fee, and were given reusable shopping bags filled with some goodies. Before we departed, one of the leaders made some announcements about rules of the ride. He was riding on the “keg bike” – it was filled with water so that we could refill our water bottles during the ride.

taco tour 004

Tiffany & I were so excited about the ride!  While waiting for it to start, we were talking about how much we love Columbus and how we are really going to miss events like these when we move after graduation. Little did we know we’d be eating our words later!

taco tour 003 

The group was pretty big, about 60-75 people, I think. We rode on the street, taking up a full lane.

 taco tour 005

Since Tif & I were on beach cruisers, it was hard to keep up with the super light road bikes. Plus, we don’t really take our beach cruisers on the actual road, we stick to side walks and the bike trail. We had no idea that this ride was going to take us down a super busy 5 lane street… in the somewhat sketchy side of Columbus.

  taco tour 006

To be honest, I felt really unsafe. I know that it’s my choice not to wear a helmet, and that I really should, but either way, riding next to semi trucks in the back of the pack was not fun. I really wish that Yelp had made it clear that the route would be taking us down a very busy street for 10 miles.

After a long, scary ride, we finally made it to the trucks.

Now, I’m going to be totally honest here, so get ready.

After riding 10+ miles in 90 degree heat, the smell of grilled meats at the trucks was just not appealing. I’m sure that the food was probably really authentic and very tasty, but I knew that there was no way I would be able to stomach it. After we ruled out the first truck (that was serving tongue!) we headed to the second to see if there was a more appealing option for the hot weather.

taco tour 008 

taco tour 009

The “ambiance” didn’t really do much to help our appetites..

taco tour 007

taco tour 011

I really hate to say this, but I did not feel safe being in this area. If I had known that I would ride 10+ miles into a sketchy part of town to be greeted with tongue tacos, I wouldn’t have gone. That’s not really the fault of the organizers though, I should have looked into exactly what this  bike tour entailed before signing up. I just wish it had been more clear about location, riding on the road with no bike lane, etc.

So anyway, here’s where it gets really good.

Tiffany called her mom when we were at the second truck to come rescue us.

Yes, two soon to be college grads called mama for help.

Thankfully, Tiffany’s mom was in town today for a wine tasting with her boyfriend and they were willing to come get us. We just didn’t feel safe riding back on the street, and that’s the truth.

Once they arrived, we started loading the bikes into the back of their SUV.

 taco tour 012

This guy who I’m assuming was one of the organizers, came up to us when we were loading the bikes, and was actually pretty rude. This is how the conversation went down.

him: Oh, so you guys are giving up, huh?

me: Well, to be honest, it wasn’t what we were expecting.

him: It’s downhill the whole way back.

me: Well, I don’t feel safe riding 10 miles down Broad St next to semi’s.

him: Riding on the street is perfectly safe!

Maybe he was just joking around with us, trying to cajole us into riding back with the group, but it just left a bad taste in my mouth. I mean, we were loading up our bikes, obviously we weren’t going to ride back. Whatever.

Every time I step outside of my comfort zone, I realize something about myself. Namely, that I have a comfort zone for a reason!


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