July 15, 2011 § 2 Comments

After 3 grueling exams in microbiology, biochemistry, and calculus, I decided I’d more than earned a night out with the girls. Even though I hadn’t really slept much over the past two days, when my calc exam ended at 10 pm, there was nothing I wanted more than an ice cold drink. I headed home, freshened up my makeup, and we headed down to Gateway.

out 001

I had so much fun! We hit up McFadden’s because Bethany won a happy hour, then headed over to Charlie bear for some dancing.

out 030

At Charlie Bear, I had this realization that this will all be over in 6 weeks.

I am graduating.

I am moving back to Florida.

I won’t be able to do this anymore, with this group of people anyway.

out 018

I admittedly don’t go out that much anymore, and while I’m not planning on turning into a partygirl in the next few weeks, I do want to take advantage of what time I do have left here in Columbus. I love it here, and a big part of that is because of my amazing friends!

out 004

So here’s to living up my last 6 weeks of undergrad! So crazy! It really does fly by..


Have you seen this youtube video about how to get someone to stop talking to you? If not, I suggest checking it out, the girl is hilarious!!  Here’s my rendition of her lesson..

 out 059


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