I (almost) met Richard Blais

July 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

So the other day I was on twitter, and I saw a tweet from Richard Blais, winner of Top Chef All-Stars, saying that he was going to be here, in Columbus this weekend. Excited, I made plans with Bethany to go to the event put on by Giant Eagle. We were looking forward to it all week, and today was the big day.

Unfortunately once we arrived at the store, we learned that we got there a little bit too late. Turns out, even though the event was slated for noon, you had to be there by 11:45 am or else your tickets were forfeited. Since the tickets were free, I couldn’t really be upset about it. Plus, since Richard was doing a demo in the middle of the store, we still got a chance to peek in from the sidelines.

7.17 005

He was just like he was on tv! Maybe even better.. he was interacting with the audience the whole time, welcomed questions, and his passion was truly inspiring. Nothing makes me happier than getting to see a person in their element, doing what they love.


This weekend was fabulous. I got in a few good workouts (Pure Barre + Bodypump), saw HP7 with Rob, did a decent amount of studying, spent some time poolside, had sushi with the girls at Haiku, went to the Nordstrom sale, had brunch with the girls at Tasi, got a pedicure and of course, celebrated national ice cream day!


This week is going to be very busy! My biochemistry class is almost over since it is just a first term course, so my final is coming up on Friday. I’ll be busying myself with the finer points of metabolism for the new few days, and it will feel so good once this class is over!!


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