The Ohio State Fair

July 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

On Wednesday, Bethany and I decided to cross a major item off of my bucket list.

The cravings for fried food, rickety rides, and people watching were building up for so long that we had to hit the Ohio State Fair on opening day!

I’d never been to a state fair before, so I was really excited. After grabbing a map, Bethany and I hopped onto the gondolas that run from one end of the fair to the other. Since we wanted to hit up everything, we figured it would be smart to ride to the far end and work our way back towards the exit.

Ohio State Fair 009 

Since it was only the first day, there weren’t too many other crazies to contend with. No worries, we still got some good people watching in though!

Ohio State Fair 011

Once we got off the gondola, Bethany spotted a fried smores stand. Of course, they were amazing. The melty marshmallows were the best part!

Ohio State Fair 019

While the smores were getting good and fried, a ride blew up!

Okay, it didn’t explode or anything, but there was a super loud popping sound. The two carnies working the fried smores stand were even freaked out, so we knew it had to be bad.

Turns out, one of the tires popped. Yep, scared me off of riding any rides that day!

Ohio State Fair 015

Rides were a no, but we couldn’t resist the giant slide! I was more scared than the little kids, I won’t lie, I did let out a little yelp on the way down!

Ohio State Fair 020

Of course, we had to pay the giant cow made out of BUTTER a visit.

Ohio State Fair 023 

Ohio State Fair 028

We got a lesson on weaving. It was actually really neat, the system that this particular woman uses is pretty much fool proof. I can’t imagine living a life like hers though.. it was almost like she was a pioneer! I told Bethany that between the weaving and the show animals, I felt like I was in a foreign country.

Ohio State Fair 031

Lots of walking around, watching a hypnotist show, seeing all the baby animals, and paying a visit to the giant marketplace and smokey the bear, we were beat.

We couldn’t leave the fair without me fully completely crossing off my bucket list. I had to order something that “really shouldn’t be fried.” As it was the Ohio State Fair, I knew that it had be a buckeye!

Ohio State Fair 035 

Warm peanut butter, rich chocolate, sweet, fried batter, doused in powdered sugar… ummm yeah. Good thing these are only available once a year!

The fair is still going on for two more weeks. If you’re in Columbus and have never made it out there, I really suggest it! It was a lot of fun, and I mean.. they have fried kool-aid!


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