The Girl

I’m a college senior, freaking out about life after graduation. I love to learn but hate studying. Cooking good veg food is a passion of mine, but I won’t lie .. there’s still nothing like the smell of bacon! I love sweets & wine, enjoy a good beer, but really prefer champagne. I love to travel and will see more of the world soon. (You can read about some of my travels here) I want to learn more languages. English, Arabic and a teensy bit of Spanish are the only ones I can claim right now. French is next on my list. I love tea, but I’m also a coffee person. I attempted to give them both up so I could have whiter teeth, but I can’t stay away from the red wine.. so crest white strips it is. I love fashion and I appreciate anyone who has style, even if it’s different than my own. I’m brutally honest. Don’t ask for my opinion unless you really, truly want it. I floss every night because I hate the dentist. I love nail polish. And makeup. I love high heels because they are such a  confidence booster and I’m so short – only 5 feet! When I’m in a bad mood I put on my tallest pair and walk around my room until I start to feel better. My family is everything to me, especially my sisters;  they are my best friends. My red hair is natural. So are the curls. I like to put a slice of citrus in my water, but I’m usually too lazy to do it.


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