Bodega + Surly Girl Saloon

August 8, 2011 § 1 Comment

Since last week so unproductive in regards to this blog / my bucket list, today I’m proud to report just the opposite. Two more things crossed off the list!

Not sure how I feel about this… my time in Cbus will be over before I know it.

So anyway, Bodega is a bar that has a killer beer list. I think there are always 50+ beers on tap, and they change weekly, depending on the season. Top that off with a killer happy hour and $1 grilled cheese on Monday nights, you have a hipster heaven. Tiffany and I aren’t exactly hipsters, but I think we did a good job dressing the part.

surly girl 001 

Tiff said it best – it felt like we were wearing Halloween costumes! Between my fedora and her knit vest and hippie headband, we really outdid ourselves.

We walked down to the Short North and finally ended up reaching Bodega to be met with a huge crowd. After a few minutes of waiting, we both ordered beers. I got the Weasel Boy Mango Wheat, it was yummy but I don’t think I’d order it again. Tiffany got a grapefruit infused beer (if you know her, you aren’t surprised) and it was so fruity and fresh, a perfect beer for such a hot day.

surly girl 003

Since Bodega was so packed, we decided to skip out on the grilled cheese for dinner and ended up going to Surly Girl Saloon a few doors down. Surly Girl is a Liz Lessner restaurant with a kickin’ cowgirl theme. I loved it! It has the same kitschy feel that sister restaurant Betty’s has; there are countless frames, mirrors, and western themed decorations  on every wall.

surly girl 004

My favorite was this chandelier though!  It was absolutely amazing in person.. I really love chandeliers for some reason, and this one was beautiful.

surly girl 005

So, we did eat a delicious dinner, but it was so dark in there that the pictures didn’t really turn out.

Will you survive if you don’t see a picture of my wrap and Tiffany’s sandwich?

I sure hope so! 😉


New favorite beers

April 2, 2011 § 1 Comment

So obviously, that last post was a lame April Fool’s joke! I just can’t help myself, I really do think I’m hilarious and dumb stuff like that entertains me. Good thing that was a joke though, because I have some awesome beers to tell you about! The other night, Tiffany and I hit up Bodega, a bar in the Short North (artsy/hipster area around downtown cbus) known for a huge beer list! They also have a sweet Monday night special – $1 grilled cheese – which we are going to try to go to this week. Anyway, we both decided we were in the mood to try new beers, things that were outside of our beer comfort zone if  you will.

I got a blend of Young’s Chocolate Stout and a raspberry framboise, aptly named a chocolate covered raspberry. I don’t know why, but I felt really stupid ordering it. I’m glad I got over that feeling, because it was an awesome drink! It tasted like an alcoholic mix of raspberries, chocolate and COFFEE. (And beer, obviously). I would definitely order it again, dumb name be damned!

Does anyone else not like to order things if they have dumb names? If I’m at a restaurant and something has a cheesy name, even if it sounds good, I won’t order it. I just hate that kind of stuff!!

Tiffany got a beer that tasted like cherry cough syrup, which she loved, but I did not. I hate cherry flavored things, so I didn’t exactly expect to like it, but I figured it was worth trying anyway. It was an organic cherry ale – but I can’t remember the name.

 fav beer 2 fav beer 1

Neither of us drink very much anymore and I’d just like to acknowledge the fact that we both had head buzzes off of our drinks. Whether that is awesome or lame, I haven’t decided. After Bodega, we headed back to campus and met up with the rest of our girlfriends who were getting wild on the dance floor. I feel like I never went out during winter quarter – I like to think I was in hibernation – and since college is almost over, I really want to make the best of these last few months!

Long weekend

January 14, 2011 § 1 Comment

So I’ve been a bad blogger .. I should probably change my name to Caro [almost] Daily. I guess when life happens, blogging doesn’t. Even though I originally intended to have a daily, year long journal, missing a few days here and there isn’t going to stress me out. I’m back today with a recap of my long weekend.

After frantically finishing up my experiment in ochem lab, I came home around 830 to find my roommates dressed and ready to go out! So I did what any college senior facing a four day weekend does – threw on some cute clothes, touched up my makeup and headed out for an amazing night. It’s been entirely too long since I went out with everyone, and it was much needed after my stressful week. I wish we had taken some pictures since all of us girls looked so good and I really liked my outfit, but I took this on my phone and it’s the only one I’ve got.
It should also be noted that I’m an idiot and lost my debit card after the bar.. I was pretty drunk when I got home, but luckily I’m a responsible drunk and called the bank to cancel it!

I spent pretty much all of Friday doing homework. I’m lucky that I don’t have classes on Friday this semester, it’s a big catch up day for me.  I also had lunch with a good girl friend of mine, Esra. We met way back sophomore year in our Arabic class and we were instant friends. She’s a smart, funny girl who I absolutely adore catching up with. We talked about grad school, travel, boys, and all sorts of other fun stuff. We ate at Panera and I had approximately 3 cups of coffee in less than two hours. Hangover? What hangover! 

Later that evening, my roomie Kristen and I just weren’t up to another night of drinking, so we decided to go see a movie instead. We watched Black Swan. OH.MY.GOODNESS! Basically, it blew my mind. I thought it was really well done and an interesting story, but it was really intense. I’m glad I saw it, but I have no plans of ever watching it again.

I slept in a little and then hit up the gym for an intense session. My arms are sore as I type. Kristen and I went to the mall after our workouts and we got some great deals. I walked out with two pairs of leather boots and two tops, none of which I had intentions of purchasing. I’m just doing my part to stimulate the economy I suppose 🙂

Rob texted me while I was at the mall and we made plans to go out to dinner with his older sister and her boyfriend. She recently moved out of state for a great job opportunity and she came back to Ohio for the long weekend! I love getting to spend time with them! Dinner was great, but at one point I almost died of embarrassment. When we were walking to our table, I slipped and fell right in front of everyone waiting in the lobby! I was totally fine, but the host kept asking me if I was okay… so awkward! I hate moments like that! At least I can laugh about it now haha

Today was a great day spent relaxing with Rob. However, we did something really exciting today that deserves it’s own post! I’m going to write it up later tonight, because this has been a novel already. I’ll give you a hint though, it involves crossing something off of my Cbus bucket list!!!

Good, bad, great

January 11, 2011 § 3 Comments

So today I woke up to lots of snow, very thankful to have new snow boots. Normally, I’m one to choose cuteness over function when deciding on footwear, but the other day I finally broke down and got myself a kind of ugly waterproof pair of winter boots. Since I walk to all of my classes and some are a 20-25 minute walk in the snow, my nice leather ones were slowly becoming salt licks. The new boots kept my feet dry and warm all day, even if they are fugly.

Today I had four classes .. and they sucked. I spent 2 hours in bio, 2 hours in evolution, 1 hour in physics and 3 hours in ochem lab. I’ll spare you the details because they are so boring, but let’s just say I didn’t have enough coffee and it was rough. Especially in lab where I was supposed to isolate a product as white needle like crystals and I ended up with yellow rocks.

Rob is a champ and knew I was brain dead when I finally ended my day and when he offered dinner, I gladly took him up on it. Although I can’t lie… I wasn’t looking forward to the food, I was looking forward to this:


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