March 26, 2011 § 2 Comments

Sorry Dad. Really, I didn’t mean to. I’m just not the best parker…


Thanks to quick thinking and an even quicker trip to Auto Zone to pick up supplies,

oops 3 

It’s good as new!

oops 2 

I don’t know why the car looks like a mirror, because it’s actually black. Anyway, that rubbing compound seriously WORKS! If you ever have any scratches or paint from minor scrapes, this stuff will work like magic. It took about 10 minutes of intense scrubbing, but I had adrenaline pumping because at 22, I’m still scared of disappointing my Dad.

Good thing he doesn’t read my blog!


Wipe me down*

March 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

So last week when I was defrosting my windshield, I was a bit overzealous and broke my windshield wipers. I’m still not quite sure how it happened, but I do know I was in desperate need of new ones. After consulting my just as clueless mom, she said that the wipers were simple to replace.

wipers 2 

Ummm simple isn’t the word I’d use necessarily, but after 30 minutes, multiple views of a youtube video, and inappropriate use of a screwdriver, I did it. I changed my windshield wipers! All by myself!! IN THE RAIN!!! Obviously, I’m super proud of this accomplishment despite the fact that most people could have done it in less than 5 minutes.

wipers 3

*Title courtesy of Rob

OPI Black Shatter

January 21, 2011 § 5 Comments

One of the simplest, girliest pleasures I indulge in frequently is painting my nails. I am obsessed with the blog All Lacquered Up. I find out about new colors, collections, and all things manicure related from her great posts!

Before Halloween, I had read about OPI’s new black shatter top coat, and have been keeping my eye out for it ever since. After months of waiting, I finally got it! (Actually, my wonderful boyfriend actually got it for me!)

Basically, you just paint it over any color and as it dries, it “shatters.” I experimented with different colors and coats with my roommate Joelynn. I went pink, she went rainbow.

opi shatter 023

opi shatter 026

We’re both obsessed!

My lifeline

December 20, 2010 § Leave a comment

There are not a lot of things I can say I use every single day.

planner 002

This planner however, goes with me everywhere. I love it. It keeps track of everything from homework to appointments to work to flights … the list goes on and on! One of the best parts about this planner is that it’s reusable from year to year. I got it from my mom as a Christmas present two years ago. Now, every December I look forward to stopping into the Kate Spade store and picking up my new calendar paper. I swear, every year it gets more and more adorable!

planner 004

Over the course of the year, I collect notes, papers and cards inside of the pockets of this planner. I am always surprised months later to find things I’ve completely forgotten about. (Like my missing AAA card!)

I’m already penciling in things for 2011 – I can’t believe how fast  2010 has gone!

Saturday = Study Day

December 4, 2010 § Leave a comment


Looooong (somewhat productive) day at the library.

Essentials in my study arsenal include

  • ipod – not necessarily for music, but good for blocking out noise from other people shuffling papers, etc.
  • coffee – self explanatory, I think!
  • aspirin – looking at organic chemistry & physics notes for 6+ hours will probably leave you with a headache
  • reese cups – I treat myself to one every so often to keep myself motivated

Praying to the Nail Gods

December 2, 2010 § 3 Comments

So about once every week or so, my friends and I get together to do our nails. I love this night, mostly because it isn’t usually planned and it comes together so naturally. Tonight though, my friend Bethany had a mission. She read about a marbling technique in a magazine so we had to try it out!

First, we rounded up some colors and put them in a ramekin filled with water.

  Nails 12.2 008 Nails 12.2 010

Didn’t quite work that well at first ….

 Nails 12.2 014

But the second try was MUCH more successful!

 Nails 12.2 016  (pre clean-up!)

Finished & Fabulous

Bwolf nails

The rest of us didn’t go for a dip, but rocked our own styles for sure.

Nails 12.2 019 Nails 12.2 017
Nails 12.2 032 Nails 12.2 033

Tiffany rocked the BROWN and yellow (not black thankyouverymuch!)

Kristen just couldn’t wait for the OPI crackle polish so she did her own at home version with silver & purple.

I did a silvery gun metal color with pink and yellow accent nails.

And Joelynn chose to channel her second grade self.

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