Short North Night Out

July 31, 2011 § 2 Comments

Yesterday, I ran 5 miles for the first time ever!

To celebrate, Tiffany and I got dressed up and headed to the Short North for a drink. We planned on going to Surly Girl, but instead we decided to hit up Mouton. I’m so glad we did, because it’s on my bucket list, and time is seriously dwindling!

Mouton is a fabulous little bar with a relaxed and classy vibe. They specialize in old fashioned cocktails, but they do have beer and wine offerings as well. It’s not your typical bar, it’s more of a quiet place to have a drink and some conversation. No loud music or sweaty gyrating frat boys here.

In other words, I loved it!

We both got champagne cocktails, and they were perfect!

Mouton 006

The champagne was accompanied by angostura bitters and a sugar cube. I love that the drinks were served in these old school champagne coupes.

Mouton 007

After that first cocktail, Tiffy and I had champagne on the brain. Since we were in the Short North, I knew just where we should go for our next drink… Hubbard’s!

Last time I went, I ordered a glass of champagne, but to my surprise it came in a can with a sippy straw. It’s from the Sofia Coppola vineyards, and it’s actually really  great! Definitely something you should try if you like champagne.

Mouton 008 

After we ordered our champagne, the bartender told us the bar was going to close in 20 minutes – at 12:30! Since it was still so early, we decided to venture even further into the Short North to Bar 23. Bar 23 was fun, but it’s basically the post-college version of Gateway bars.. think McFadden’s, Tuna, etc. just with 24-30 year olds, not 18-23 year olds.

We only got one picture last night.. but there is a funny story that goes along with it. Tiff and I were sitting outside on the patio, and this freaky girl was sitting on the inside, dancing like a weirdo, sticking her tongue out at us, etc. She came up to the window when we were getting our picture taken, and I tried to put my hand up to block her face, but at the last second she scooted down.. so there she is!

Mouton 009

It was such a fun night out! I’m really  going to miss the Short North when I move back to Florida. There’s just so much to do there and it’s such a fun neighborhood!


Columbus Fish Market

July 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

One of the best parts about Restaurant Week (besides the great food) is getting together with a group of girls for a special midweek dinner. I mean, how often do you find yourself enjoying a 3 course dinner of super fresh fish on a random Wednesday evening?

If your answer to this is “often” email me. I’d love to be friends.

Columbus Fish Market is a Cameron Mitchell restaurant with outposts in many other cities had been on my bucket list for a while. I put it on before I realized that we have a Mitchell’s Fish Market in Tampa, so technically it isn’t something that I can only experience in Columbus.. but oh well!

The first course was a choice of salads, I went with the house salad that included fresh greens, pine nuts, dates and tomatoes dressed in poppyseed vinaigrette.

7.24 002

For the second course, I chose the macadamia crusted tilapia with mango salsa. It was so flaky and fresh!

7.24 003 

Almost everyone else at the table went with the crab and lobster stuffed cod. I tried a bite and it was also great!

7.24 004

For dessert, I went with the strawberry shortcake. It was cool and refreshing, a perfect ending to such a great meal!

7.24 005

Most importantly, I had a great time with my girlfriends catching up on all sorts of things! It was such a treat to go out like this in the middle of the week.

7.24 006

I (almost) met Richard Blais

July 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

So the other day I was on twitter, and I saw a tweet from Richard Blais, winner of Top Chef All-Stars, saying that he was going to be here, in Columbus this weekend. Excited, I made plans with Bethany to go to the event put on by Giant Eagle. We were looking forward to it all week, and today was the big day.

Unfortunately once we arrived at the store, we learned that we got there a little bit too late. Turns out, even though the event was slated for noon, you had to be there by 11:45 am or else your tickets were forfeited. Since the tickets were free, I couldn’t really be upset about it. Plus, since Richard was doing a demo in the middle of the store, we still got a chance to peek in from the sidelines.

7.17 005

He was just like he was on tv! Maybe even better.. he was interacting with the audience the whole time, welcomed questions, and his passion was truly inspiring. Nothing makes me happier than getting to see a person in their element, doing what they love.


This weekend was fabulous. I got in a few good workouts (Pure Barre + Bodypump), saw HP7 with Rob, did a decent amount of studying, spent some time poolside, had sushi with the girls at Haiku, went to the Nordstrom sale, had brunch with the girls at Tasi, got a pedicure and of course, celebrated national ice cream day!


This week is going to be very busy! My biochemistry class is almost over since it is just a first term course, so my final is coming up on Friday. I’ll be busying myself with the finer points of metabolism for the new few days, and it will feel so good once this class is over!!


July 15, 2011 § 2 Comments

After 3 grueling exams in microbiology, biochemistry, and calculus, I decided I’d more than earned a night out with the girls. Even though I hadn’t really slept much over the past two days, when my calc exam ended at 10 pm, there was nothing I wanted more than an ice cold drink. I headed home, freshened up my makeup, and we headed down to Gateway.

out 001

I had so much fun! We hit up McFadden’s because Bethany won a happy hour, then headed over to Charlie bear for some dancing.

out 030

At Charlie Bear, I had this realization that this will all be over in 6 weeks.

I am graduating.

I am moving back to Florida.

I won’t be able to do this anymore, with this group of people anyway.

out 018

I admittedly don’t go out that much anymore, and while I’m not planning on turning into a partygirl in the next few weeks, I do want to take advantage of what time I do have left here in Columbus. I love it here, and a big part of that is because of my amazing friends!

out 004

So here’s to living up my last 6 weeks of undergrad! So crazy! It really does fly by..


Have you seen this youtube video about how to get someone to stop talking to you? If not, I suggest checking it out, the girl is hilarious!!  Here’s my rendition of her lesson..

 out 059

Red, White & Boom

July 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Here in Columbus, fireworks for 4th of July are a big deal.

The city puts on an amazing display called Red, White & Boom! Last night, I headed downtown with friends to watch the show, and it was one of the best fireworks displays I’ve ever seen.

red white boom 008 

I seriously LOVE long weekends. There is just something so relaxing about knowing I have an extra day to get my weekend tasks accomplished. Since this is a holiday weekend, it’s even better because good food, good friends, and sparklers are involved!

California, here she comes!

June 24, 2011 § 1 Comment

My best friend Katie is moving to California next week. Not only that, but just a few weeks ago she graduated and got engaged! Talk about major life changes going on, huh? Katie and I have been friends since the very first day of first grade, and here we are, at the end of our college careers, still great friends. I love the way our friendship has evolved over the years.

going away 001

Tonight was her going away party, and I’m still in shock/so excited for her that it’s all really happening! I mean, just a few years ago we were just kids talking about “when we grow up…” but that’s NOW! So weird. Anyway, tonight was a nice little send off for her with some close friends. We talked about everything from graduating and jobs, to her move and upcoming wedding. Since her fiance is in the Navy and will be deploying again early next year, the wedding is being planned for December! I’m so excited because she has asked me to be a bridesmaid! And she’s letting me plan the bachelorette… Vegas is only a few hours from San Diego, riiiiiiight? 😉

First Blogger Meetup!

June 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today was the first time I met someone from the internet in real life.

Yes, Mom, I’m alive!

I met with another Caroline, who lives here in St Pete and has the cutest southern accent I’ve ever heard! I’ve been reading her blog for a little while now, and I’m so glad I got to meet her today!

She suggested a day of bike riding, vintage shopping and lunch at a cute cafe downtown.. it was nothing short of perfect.

Luckily we live pretty close to each other (talk about small world!) and met up this morning in the neighborhood before biking downtown. The ride flew by because we talked the whole way down there – it was a blast!

We hit up some great thrift stores on Central Ave, I had no idea what a great vintage scene there is in St Pete. Caroline has some great pictures of the stores we stopped at on her blog, we saw some interesting stuff. I do have to admit that I’m not the best shopping influence, I may or may not have convinced Caroline to get a gorgeous sundress  😉 But! We both had some great finds, I got two dresses that I’m so excited about! Theory + Ella Moss at 75% off retail, talk about a happy girl!

After shopping, we hit up a great downtown cafe – Central Cafe & Organics.

blogger meetup 002 

Not only do we have the same name, we have the same taste in food! The two Carolines got two hummus wraps! It was a good thing we both got the hummus wraps because after eating this, I had killer garlic breath. I sure hope it’s true that two garlics cancel each other out!

blogger meetup 004

Caroline is seriously so sweet – she had a Groupon for Central Cafe and treated me to lunch! Thanks Caroline, the next one is on me 🙂

After our delicious lunch, we rode our bikes for a little bit longer before parting ways, chatting about all sorts of stuff. It was a great day filled with all of my favorite things – exercise in the sunshine, shopping, good food and a new friend!

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