Syllabus Day

June 22, 2011 § 1 Comment

I have a 2 hour and 18 minute calc II lecture twice a week.

I should have taken this class as a freshman or sophomore, but I waited until my very last quarter.

Now, I’m kicking myself. I don’t remember much from calc I.

When we got the syllabus from our lecturer, he was pretty straight forward and kept it short and sweet. Most lecturers give 1-2 pages of the syllabus up to the Academic Integrity section, but not this guy…

 calc 001


Senior Crawl

June 11, 2011 § 1 Comment

I haven’t updated my Bucket List in quite awhile, I know..I’ve been slacking!

Thursday night though, I marked off something pretty momentous off the list.

That’s right.

I drank at every (campus) bar on High Street.

Okay, that’s a lie because after 3 beers I switched to water, but regardless, I crawled and it was amazing!

At the end of every spring quarter, there is a campus wide bar crawl here at OSU where seniors get dressed in white shirts and bar hop from the North end of High Street to as far South as they can make it. It’s something that you look forward to from freshman year. I mean, it’s just so fun filled, so celebratory.. a time to say a last goodbye to acquaintances and cheer the past 4 years with your closest friends.

I’m proud to say that I hit up quite the spread with my girlfriends. Out ‘r’ Inn, Noodles, Sloppy Donkey, Bernie’s, Too’s, O Patio, The Loft at Formaggio, Bento Go Go, Big Bar, McFadden’s, Ugly Tuna, and finally, Charlie Bear! Phew, that’s a LOT of bars!

 tiffs bday 731

tiffs bday 732

Oval Beach

May 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

oval beach

Exciting Things to Come

May 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

So Ohio State is one of the biggest universities in the country. Obviously, we have some great perks that other smaller colleges and universities just don’t have because of size/demand.

One of those perks is D-Tix, or discount tickets. Basically, all sorts of attractions like museums, restaurants, comedy clubs, theme parks, etc. tickets are available to students at a really discounted price. Since I have an extensive bucket list that is growing by the day, scooping up some of these tickets on the cheap was just what I needed.

Tiffany and I ended up waiting in line for about an hour, but in my mind it was worth it. I didn’t really have much else to be doing, and I got some great deals.

good things

  • 2 tickets to Shadowbox – $5 each
  • 4 tickets to Funnybone Comedy Club – $3 each
  • 2 tickets to the Columbus Museum of Art – free!
  • 2 $25 restaurant gift cards for $15 each

So in total, I spent $46 for $250 worth of stuff. All of these things are on my bucket list, so in my opinion, the hour and $46 were very well spent! I just wish I had taken advantage of d-tix before the end of my senior year!

If any OSU students are reading this, the tickets go on sale every Thursday afternoon at 5pm on the first floor of the Ohio Union.

Channeling my Inner Child

April 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

coloring book

All I have been doing the past few days is coloring structures in my anatomy book.

Yes, I’m 22 and a college senior.

Yes, I bought the extra large pack of colored pencils.

Yes, I love love love this type of studying.

Taste of Summer

April 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

With today’s high here in Columbus being in the 80s, you can bet that campus was buzzing. People were out and about, the excitement of the day was contagious. After a restless night spent listening to my asshole neighbors party until 4:12 a.m., I woke up and got a start on some homework. I’m glad I had the foresight to do that, because the rest of the afternoon was spent like it should be – with friends outside.


The girls and I played catch all afternoon to practice for our intramural softball game. Or, they played catch, I ran away from the ball and studied for anatomy. I’d just like to mention that in my 22 years, prior to today, I’ve never played a game of softball or swung a real bat. I didn’t know that jewelry wasn’t allowed during sporting events. I didn’t even know the rules of the game! Today, I went out of my comfort zone and tried something new. What doesn’t really matter is that my team got totally creamed. I mean..we showed up without a bat.

Only 4 more games until this “season” is over…I can’t wait.

Just another day

April 4, 2011 § 4 Comments

Oh Mondays – are they ever exciting? At least this one was WARM even if it was rainy. I can tolerate rain, as long as it isn’t freezing. I had some extra time before one of my classes today, and I curled up in this bay window type of thing by my classroom and just watched the rain fall for awhile. I never really just sit. I usually have my phone out, on the computer, or talking to someone. Even when I workout I have my ipod turned on. This was pure and simple silence and alone time. On a campus of more than 60,000 students, empty hallways are few and far between.


In unrelated news, Rob has been trying to convince me to get a twitter. I have a hard enough time paying attention in class as it is, but I’m really considering it. Even if it is only to follow the likes of White Girl Problems and Kim Kardashian. What can I say? I use my brain all day for school, when it comes to the internet, I like my entertainment to be vapid & shallow.

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