March 26, 2011 § 2 Comments

Sorry Dad. Really, I didn’t mean to. I’m just not the best parker…


Thanks to quick thinking and an even quicker trip to Auto Zone to pick up supplies,

oops 3 

It’s good as new!

oops 2 

I don’t know why the car looks like a mirror, because it’s actually black. Anyway, that rubbing compound seriously WORKS! If you ever have any scratches or paint from minor scrapes, this stuff will work like magic. It took about 10 minutes of intense scrubbing, but I had adrenaline pumping because at 22, I’m still scared of disappointing my Dad.

Good thing he doesn’t read my blog!


PSA: Go get a pedi.

February 18, 2011 § 1 Comment

It’s inevitable that once the weather warms up, girls all across the country are pushing aside their boots and closed toed shoes for flip flops and strappy sandals.

It is also inevitable that their feet are disgusting from being cooped up in boots all winter long.

I mean, if going to the salon and getting your feet scrubbed isn’t your thing (I don’t understand) just swipe on a quick coat of polish or at the very least make sure there’s no visible dirt, and it’s all good. I just seriously can’t look at another set of gross toes.

Mine included.

So after doing some homework, I made a quick trip to the B&N for reading material and spent the rest of the afternoon catching up on The Pioneer Woman’s love story and getting pampered in the massage chair.

pedi 1 pedi 2

Mickey D’s visit to the cardiologist

January 19, 2011 § 5 Comments

Thanks for all the well wishes yesterday! Your good vibes mixed with all the oranges, vitamins, hot tea & lots of sleep seemed to do the trick! I’ve felt great all day.

My Wednesday started off like it always does – with work. I do research through the medical center, and my main job is to ask patients to take surveys when they finish their visit with the doctor. Most people usually either decline to do the survey, or they fill it out and leave without more than a few words.

Today though, I had a 20 minute long conversation with a patient in the waiting room. I didn’t mind talking with her, in fact, I found her conversation to be a nice break from the monotony of the morning. She was telling me about her myriad of health problems, how she felt she was getting sub par care, etc. I actually appreciated her honesty and the perspective she gave. I can take her feedback, apply it to my research and help make patient care better for her and future patients.

However, it was kind of hard for me to take her 100% seriously because over the course of 20 minutes, she ate two burgers and a large fry from McDonald’s. In the waiting room of her cardiologist’s office.

Let me just say that I don’t care what you eat.Unless you are complaining about heart disease, diabetes, and the last 40 lbs that “just won’t come off.”

Since I do have plans to someday work in the health care field, seeing people carelessly eating junk food (especially right before an appointment!) breaks my heart. Maybe she doesn’t know better, or maybe she doesn’t care.

Either way, I know. I care. 

And one day, I will be working towards making our world a happier & healthier place!

Let me just back up and say that I’m by NO means a perfect eater. I too, could lose a few pounds. I love sweets & French fries. However, I fully believe in moderation and getting ample veggies, vitamins and an overall well rounded diet. I just don’t want anyone to call me a hypocrite when I post about cupcakes tomorrow 🙂

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