The River Club at Confluence Park

July 18, 2011 § 1 Comment

So it’s Restaurant Week again here in Columbus!

My friend Bethany won a free dinner for two to The River Club at Confluence Park from 614 Magazine and invited me to be her guest. I was really excited because I’d never been to Confluence before, and heard good things about the amazing view of the city. Plus, it was a free dinner with a good friend – what could be better?

The restaurant is kind of tucked away off of Spring St, but it was pretty easy to find and luckily Bethany was driving so we didn’t get lost!

Once we arrived we were greeted by overcast, yet beautiful views of the city.

Confluence 011

B had made reservations for the patio, but there was a last minute private event, so our reservation was moved inside. It ended up being for the best because in the middle of our dinner, the skies opened up and it absolutely poured.

Confluence 012

As soon as we were seated, we were given a basket of warm bread with butter and pesto on the side. Any restaurant that brings out warm bread is a winner in my book. The pesto was very flavorful and had whole pine nuts in it, it may have been one of my favorite parts of the meal.

Confluence 005

For my first course I chose the mixed green salad which included candied pecans, cranberries, and apples dressed in a light raspberry vinaigrette.

Confluence 006

My second course was a center cut strip steak with a side of mashed potatoes and summer squash. The steak had a nice carmelized crust on it, and was covered in a delicious demi glace that I kind of wanted to swim in. I usually don’t care for mashed potatoes, the mushy texture reminds me of babyfood, but these were great.

Confluence 008

Finally, I ordered the chocolate Jeanette for dessert. It was a brownie topped with chocolate mousse, raspberry sauce, and whipped cream. Of course, no dessert is complete without coffee, so I enjoyed that on the side as well.

Confluence 018

Thanks to 614 magazine, my grand total for this meal was a whopping $3.15!

Confluence 020 

Of course, since 614 was so generous to give Bethany and I a free dinner, we were generous with our server Taylor who did a great job taking care of us tonight.

Dining at The River Club was such a great experience. The food was yummy, the views were outstanding, and the company couldn’t be beat!

Confluence 024

Thanks again to my friend Bethany for taking me and to 614 Magazine for holding the restaurant week giveaway!


Review: BellaBrava

December 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

This afternoon, my mom, sister & I ventured into downtown St Pete for lunch. We randomly stumbled into BellaBrava, a casual Italian place. While most of my lunch was spent watching my companions use their cell phones, it was still a great lunch.

Bella Brava 008 Bella Brava 003

Our waiter was really great, and our food came relatively quickly. The restaurant has the type of floor that’s supposed to look unfinished, which usually irks me, but it worked really well here. They also have walls that are painted with chalk board paint – they write everything from food and wine specials to the names of that days waiters.

On to the important stuff – the food! I ordered a flatbread pizza with the house salad.

 Bella Brava 010

I wasn’t expecting much, but it was really great! The crust was actually crisp and doughy at the same time. I’m not sure how that’s possible, but it was yummy so I don’t really care. However, my mom ordered some of the tomato soup, and it was honestly the best tomato soup I’ve ever had. Today was unseasonably cold for St Pete (30-40*) so it was perfect for a day like today. I’m for sure ordering that next time! 

I’m still at home for a few more weeks, so hopefully I make it in again before I head back to Ohio!

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