First Blogger Meetup!

June 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today was the first time I met someone from the internet in real life.

Yes, Mom, I’m alive!

I met with another Caroline, who lives here in St Pete and has the cutest southern accent I’ve ever heard! I’ve been reading her blog for a little while now, and I’m so glad I got to meet her today!

She suggested a day of bike riding, vintage shopping and lunch at a cute cafe downtown.. it was nothing short of perfect.

Luckily we live pretty close to each other (talk about small world!) and met up this morning in the neighborhood before biking downtown. The ride flew by because we talked the whole way down there – it was a blast!

We hit up some great thrift stores on Central Ave, I had no idea what a great vintage scene there is in St Pete. Caroline has some great pictures of the stores we stopped at on her blog, we saw some interesting stuff. I do have to admit that I’m not the best shopping influence, I may or may not have convinced Caroline to get a gorgeous sundress  😉 But! We both had some great finds, I got two dresses that I’m so excited about! Theory + Ella Moss at 75% off retail, talk about a happy girl!

After shopping, we hit up a great downtown cafe – Central Cafe & Organics.

blogger meetup 002 

Not only do we have the same name, we have the same taste in food! The two Carolines got two hummus wraps! It was a good thing we both got the hummus wraps because after eating this, I had killer garlic breath. I sure hope it’s true that two garlics cancel each other out!

blogger meetup 004

Caroline is seriously so sweet – she had a Groupon for Central Cafe and treated me to lunch! Thanks Caroline, the next one is on me 🙂

After our delicious lunch, we rode our bikes for a little bit longer before parting ways, chatting about all sorts of stuff. It was a great day filled with all of my favorite things – exercise in the sunshine, shopping, good food and a new friend!


Sweet Home St Pete

March 21, 2011 § 1 Comment

I’m finally back home in St Pete for a much needed vacation. Not quite the wild spring break most college girls plan, but just what I needed. I’ve spent the past few days visiting my favorite restaurants, working out at the Vinoy, spending time with my parents & grandparents, and of course, doing my fair share of shopping at International Plaza.

Saturday I woke up with a mission. I was going to a spin class at the Vinoy. Instead, I decided to enjoy the beautiful weather and ride my bike instead. I mean, why spend an hour in a hot room filled with sweaty people huffing away going nowhere when you can enjoy a solo ride by the water instead? Anyway, I rode out to St Pete’s Saturday Morning Market which is basically a huge famer’s market with tons of vendors selling everything from crafts to clothes to organic veggies. I love it. I ran into quite a few people that I haven’t seen in awhile which sucked because I didn’t have on any makeup and was wearing workout clothes! I hate when that happens.

smm 003 smm 004 smm 007

smm 010 smm 011 smm 008

I spent the rest of the day getting mani pedi with Libby – we enjoyed some much needed sister time. I love the little n00b! She’s 14 and growing up sooooooo fast. It makes me feel OLD.

Sunday was spent at the beach with my friend  Tiffany. Small world moment – Tiffany is my roommate at OSU. Her older sister Courtney, & fiancé, Jake, are renting my older sister’s condo here in Tampa. My sister’s condo was empty since she moved to Manhattan and a few weeks aago Jake landed a job down here, so I told them about each other and now my sister’s condo is Tiffany’s sister’s condo! Anyway, Tif is spending a few days in Tampa with her sister before heading to Ft Lauderdale to visit some of her family, so we squeezed in some sun time between life guard shifts ….

lifeguard c lifeguard t

Andddd today I got up, hit the gym for an extra sweaty workout, then I laid out by the pool alllllll afternoon. It was glorious. I got some reading done, but mostly I napped. In the evening, I drove up to Tampa and met my mom for a latte and some shoe shopping  after she got off work. I really love my mom – she’s the BEST to shop with (not just because she pays). I also spent some more time with my nana may be blinder than a bat, but the woman can still cook.

The rest of my plans for the week include……………….. NOTHING!

And it feels G.R.E.A.T!

Goodbye 2010

December 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

Well, 2010 was a great year  for me. I’m sad to see it go, but for one of the first times in my life, I truly feel like I lived this year up to the fullest. I started blogging about a month ago, so I want to do a quick highlight of the best part of each month.


  • January: Gasparilla, a Mardi Gras like pirate festival in Tampa

Jan 1 Jan 2

  • February: Played a prank on facebook that my friend Kristen  was pregnant.

feb 1 

  • March: Rob came back to FL with me and we did a bar crawl (on bikes!) through St Pete

mar 1 Mar 2 mar 3

  • April: My very very best friend Katie turned 21

apr 1 apr 2

  • May: My little sister Mary  came to visit me at school. We went to Cosi with Rob and also went down to Dayton (our hometown) and relived some childhood memories.

may 3 may 4

may 1 may 2

  • June: Celebrated my friend Tiffany’s 21st, departed for Semester at Sea and went to Spain.

june 1 june 2

Departure 004 Departure 020

Spain days 2-3 020 Spain Day 1 053

  • July: I spent this month traveling through Italy, Croatia, Greece, Turkey & Egypt

 Capri 060 Croatia! 049

 Croatia! 030 Greece 018

 july 1 Egypt 010

  • August: I traveled through Morocco and spent a majority of the month finishing up “schoolwork” on the ship and laying out on deck 7.

Morocco 020 DSCN1332

009 aug 1

  • September: Back to school, reunited Rob & my friends! I spent most of the month relaxing back at home in FL and working for my parents.

sept 1 sept 2

  • October: Tons of Buckeye football! (Which also means tons of beer and stadium nachos lol). Halloween – us girls all went as “shots”

oct 1 sept 1

oct 2 oct 3

  • November: I turned 22! Went home for Thanksgiving & started this blog!


  • December: Well, you can read all about that here.

Happy New Year!

A Christmas prank

December 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

So, I mentioned a few days ago that my family loves pulling pranks. My older sister Christina was the target today. She has been asking for a Louis Vuitton bag for a few months, and my parents finally decided to indulge her. Mary and I were joking around the other day, and decided to wrap a fake bag borrowed from a friend before giving her the real one. It worked like a charm.

Christmas 2010 023 Christmas 2010 024

She opened it up and didn’t instantly realize that it was fake. She was like “This isn’t the style I wanted, but I still love it!” Meanwhile, I was holding back peals of laughter. Once she opened it up and saw the old candy wrappers, a lip gloss and loose change left by the bag’s real owner, she knew what was up. We gave her the real bag after that and I’m happy to report it was exactly what she wanted.

Now, for some scenes from the morning …

Christmas 2010 004  Christmas 2010 009 

Christmas 2010 042
Dad & his girls
Christmas 2010 054
The extended family getting ready to feast!


December 22, 2010 § 1 Comment


Ahhh I love Florida! Laid out all afternoon with Mary, then went on a bike ride and got some good color. This is the LIFE.

Review: BellaBrava

December 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

This afternoon, my mom, sister & I ventured into downtown St Pete for lunch. We randomly stumbled into BellaBrava, a casual Italian place. While most of my lunch was spent watching my companions use their cell phones, it was still a great lunch.

Bella Brava 008 Bella Brava 003

Our waiter was really great, and our food came relatively quickly. The restaurant has the type of floor that’s supposed to look unfinished, which usually irks me, but it worked really well here. They also have walls that are painted with chalk board paint – they write everything from food and wine specials to the names of that days waiters.

On to the important stuff – the food! I ordered a flatbread pizza with the house salad.

 Bella Brava 010

I wasn’t expecting much, but it was really great! The crust was actually crisp and doughy at the same time. I’m not sure how that’s possible, but it was yummy so I don’t really care. However, my mom ordered some of the tomato soup, and it was honestly the best tomato soup I’ve ever had. Today was unseasonably cold for St Pete (30-40*) so it was perfect for a day like today. I’m for sure ordering that next time! 

I’m still at home for a few more weeks, so hopefully I make it in again before I head back to Ohio!

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