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I heard about Eataly months ago from one of the many food blogs I frequent. The thought of visiting a huge warehouse filled with Italian food, wines, cheeses, and gelato had haunted me for too long. I knew that if I could convince Christina to go, she’d love it too, but it was a hard sell. Once we got there though, she was just as excited as I was!

eataly 1

There are displays of wine, huge rinds of parmesan cheese, barrels of olives, slabs of meat, Italian glassware + espresso machines all over the building. The building is sectioned off into a grocery section, a wine section, cheese section, and a few  different mini restaurants including a vegetable + seafood specific station.

eataly 4 eataly 3

We chose to sit at both the cheese section for a plate of antipasti, as well as the vegetable restaurant for some bruschetta. It goes without saying that a good amount of wine was imbibed.

eataly 5eataly 2

All in all, Christina and I spent about 3 hours (and way too much money) enjoying Eataly, but it felt like there was still so much to see + eat. I think if you’re a foodie (okay or just a glutton) visiting New York, it’s definitely worth a stop!



June 4, 2011 § 1 Comment

It started out innocently enough. I went for a nice run through Central Park while Christina finished up some work on Friday. She decided that once I got back she was going to call it quits for the day and we would go have lunch at Chelsea Market. Once we got there, we wandered around a bit and settled on a little cafe called Friedman’s. Christina had eaten there before with friends and knew the food was good.

 blacklisted 3

We ordered some sandwiches, which may have honestly been the BEST sandwiches I’ve ever had.

blacklisted 1blacklisted 4

Unfortunately, we also ordered a bottle of Pinot Grigio.

blacklisted 2

Any RHONY fan knows that Ramona Singer loves Pinot Grigio. Ramona Singer also acts like a raving lunatic. If you weren’t sure there was a correlation, let me assure you, there is.

After we finished eating and drinking the entire bottle of wine, I got up to use the ladies room. I got out of my seat and immediately slipped and fell right onto the floor! I was weebit drunk so I let out a little yelp because I was so surprised. It happened so fast! One second I was getting up from my chair, the next I was on the ground. I was dying of embarrassment. I ran to the ladies room then texted my sister and told her to pay the bill because I was literally going to bolt out of the restaurant.

I have a pretty good sense of humor and will be the first to laugh at myself in situations like this. I think it’s part of being klutzy. We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping (not a good idea drunk, sorry Dad) and laughing about what an idiot I was. It was a great time. We decided to pop into Christina’s usual nail salon for a quick manicure + pedicure.

While we were at the drying station, talking about our plans for the evening, Christina all of a sudden looks at me and says “Umm I don’t feel so good” and proceeds to pass out in my arms. It was kind of scary, but I knew it was just a mixture of dehydration from all the wine at lunch, the stuffy nail salon, and the fact that it was pretty hot outside. I yelled for some water and a cold towel, and the next thing I knew, the nail techs had my sister on the ground covered in cold towels. She came to pretty quick and got a free massage out of it. Literally everyone was freaking out and hovering over her, yelling to call an ambulance. I knew she was fine, so I was just laughing about all of the events of the day.

And since I’m a horrible person, I took a picture of her on the ground getting massaged.
blacklisted 5

We decided a few things on our walk back to her apartment.

      • 1. Friedman’s is ruined and there’s no going back
      • 2. She needs a new nail salon.
      • 3. No more Pinot Grigio at lunch!

Vino vino

January 8, 2011 § 3 Comments

Tonight, Rob and I had a little date over at Vino Vino, a wine bar down in Grandview. I had been looking forward to going to this restaurant for a long time. I first heard about this restaurant from Rob’s aunt within weeks of moving to Columbus. After 3 years, we finally made it!

The food was great (asparagus risotto & pistachio crusted chicken) and the wine was even better! I got a flight of reds entitled “hanky panky reds” and they were fabulous! The first, 2008 Ken Bernards “Definitive” Pinot Noir was my favorite. I wish I knew more about wine so I could really qualify why I liked it, but honestly, it was just the one that tasted the best!

IMG00262-20110108-1841[1] IMG00263-20110108-1842[1]

The only thing better than the food & was was of course… the company! I love date nights!

The middle sister

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If you didn’t know, I am technically a middle sister. There are four of us girls, and I’m the second. However, for a good portion of my childhood, before Libby was born, I was the true blue middle sister. I think (and my family agrees) that most of the middle sister characteristics fit me.

I heard of this wine via my very best friend, Katie. She too is the middle sister of her family. She got a bottle of white for Christmas from her mom, and when I saw it, I knew I had to find a bottle of red for myself! A few days later I randomly stumbled on it at Target, of all places. (Does anyone else feel like Target is a money pit? I swear I go in for one thing and leave at least $50 poorer)

So tonight, I’m relaxing on this Friday night with the ever handsome Rob. We planned to go out to a local wine bar, but I was slow and wouldn’t have been ready to go until close to closing time. So instead, I popped open this bottle to enjoy a  glass at home.

I loved it! It wasn’t too heavy, just a perfect medium bodied, berry flavored wine. I drank it with left over Indian food which probably wasn’t the best choice, but it worked (and I’m a college student so it’s still okay to do this for a few more months …)

To be honest, I REALLY loved this wine because of the quote on the back.


Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. Or because I graduated top of my class. Being almost perfect is a terrible burden to bear. So I must confess I do have one or two vices. Wine, cheese, cheeseburgers, vampire novels, pink outfits and serial flirting…is that more than one or two? I hope my secrets are safe with you. I have an image to protect. Let me buy you a glass of wine.

To find stores that sell this wine, check out their website here .. it’s super cute!

The key to a good dinner party

December 12, 2010 § 1 Comment

My parents had a few couples from the neighborhood over for an early dinner this evening. If there is one lesson to take away from their get together, it is to always have lots and lots of wine.

Wine tasting

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This afternoon I had two midterms. One in organic chemistry and the other in microbiology. After the assault on my intelligence, I needed to get out of the house and run some errands. I got a present for my Dad – his birthday is tomorrow! More on that present when I give it to him Friday. I also got my eyebrows threaded. What is it about stress that makes appearance so hard to keep up with? And since today was so mentally taxing, I also picked up a little treat for myself.


I really love red wine. However, it isn’t something that I know a lot about. I pick out wines randomly and hope for the best. I’ve always wanted to keep a sort of record of the types I enjoy, so on the record: this was great! Full flavor, but not extremely heavy or much of a bitter aftertaste. It’s a Spanish wine and one I would for sure buy again!

Name: Castano
Type: 2008 Monastrell
Purchased: The Hills Market

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