Columbus Bucket List

In no particular order, the things I want to do/see/eat before I graduate OSU and leave Columbus.

Links to each completed post below!

  1. Tasi Cafe Brunch
  2. Segaway tour
  3. Columbus Zoo
  4. A date with my love on the patio at Barcelona
  5. Restaurant Week
  6. Go to the Wexner Center (for something, anything)
  7. Eat/drink at Deepwood
  8. German Village Coffee Shop
  9. La Chatelaine
  10. Banana Bean
  11. Get a cupcake at Bakery Gingham
  12. Skillet
  13. Zoombeezi Bay
  14. Market 65 on a Friday (bakery case!!!)
  15. Have a drink at every [campus] bar on High Street
  16. Columbus Fish Market
  17. Sugardaddy’s
  18. Market to Market
  19. Nida’s On High
  20. The Ohio State Fair (eat something that shouldn’t really be fried)
  21. Zen Cha Tea Salon
  22. Surly Girl
  23. Fleur Champagne Bar
  24. Shadowbox Show
  25. Hubbard’s
  26. Cafe Corner
  27. The Funny Bone
  28. Taco Truck Tour
  29. Impero Coffee Roasters
  30. Cocktails at Mouton
  31. Starliner Diner
  32. Grilled Cheese night at Bodega
  33. Rigsby’s

To Be Continued!  Input appreciated!


§ 2 Responses to Columbus Bucket List

  • Bwolf says:

    Rocky horror isn’t downtown it’s at studio 35 by my house, the first Saturday of every month-I work tomorrow night but we should go in January!

  • David Weller says:


    I was testing our search words for our web site and your “Columbus Bucket List” popped up. I see that our Segway Tour is #2 on your list. What are you waiting for? 🙂 Anyway, if you didn’t know, students at OSU can purchase Segway Tour tickets at D-Tix in the Ohio Union for only $20. That is better than Groupon! Hope to see you before you graduate and good luck on your “Bucket List”.

    David Weller
    SegAway Tours of Columbus

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