Just another day

April 4, 2011 § 4 Comments

Oh Mondays – are they ever exciting? At least this one was WARM even if it was rainy. I can tolerate rain, as long as it isn’t freezing. I had some extra time before one of my classes today, and I curled up in this bay window type of thing by my classroom and just watched the rain fall for awhile. I never really just sit. I usually have my phone out, on the computer, or talking to someone. Even when I workout I have my ipod turned on. This was pure and simple silence and alone time. On a campus of more than 60,000 students, empty hallways are few and far between.


In unrelated news, Rob has been trying to convince me to get a twitter. I have a hard enough time paying attention in class as it is, but I’m really considering it. Even if it is only to follow the likes of White Girl Problems and Kim Kardashian. What can I say? I use my brain all day for school, when it comes to the internet, I like my entertainment to be vapid & shallow.


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